Twitter Habits of British Feline Civil Servants

The Twitter Habits of Britain’s Feline Civil Servants

Julie Still / Rutgers Univ / /

This is the basic handout information I provided at the MAPACA conference in Nov. 2017, and a related talk at the Westhampton Public Library in June, 2018

Larry the Cat, who lives at #10 Downing Street, is such an important part of British culture that former Prime Minister David Cameron felt compelled to provide photographic proof to Parliament that he and Larry got along. Larry is frequently photographed, filmed, and “quoted” in the British press. The cat has a twitter feed with over 100,000 followers. His fellow government felines, Gladstone in the Treasury Office, Palmerston in the Foreign Office, and Evie in the Cabinet Office, also tweet. In contrast the American presidential pets, the British cats are considered civil servants and are “employed” as mousers. Their twitter feeds comment on political events and do not always agree with the official positions of their offices.

The Big Four (Westminster Cats)

cat / url (cat name, date started, twitter followers)

Larry (Larry, 2/11, 179,000+)

Palmerston (Palmerston official, 2/16, 61,000+)

Palmerston (Palmerston, unofficial, 4/16 23,000+)

Gladstone (Gladstone, 10/16, 24,000+)

Evie (Evie 7/16, 23,000+)

Evie and Ossie (Evie and Ossie 12/16, 4,000+)


Other Political Animals

Nemo Macron (First Dog of France)

Embassy cat (Julian Assange)

Marlon Bundo (Mike Pence’s rabbit)

Claudius Kitten (British ambassador to New England)

Diplomat Dog (Canadian)

Gracie Brown (US ambassador to New Zealand)

Paddles (former first cat of New Zealand)

Lawrence of Abdoun (UK embassy in Jordan


Non-political cats

Scamperbeasts (John Scalzi’s cats)

SreetCat Bob

Grumpy Cat



map of where the Westminster cats live:

history of govt cats:

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Julie Still is working on a dissertation in American Studies at Penn State Harrisburg. She has a B.A. in History and an M.A. in Library Science from the University of Missouri, and an M.A. in History from the University of Richmond.  Librarian by trade, writer by choice, once (and future?) Girl Scout leader and community participant, she reads history (all kinds), science fiction / fantasy (ranges from Scalzi to McKillip), mysteries (varied), and more.
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