11/12/2022       “The Transgressive Woman in Hallmark’s Signature Mysteries,” Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Cultural Association [virtual conference]

11/11/2021      “Nancy Drew and the Other ‘F’ Word: Feminism on the CW’s Nancy Drew Series,” Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association [virtual conference]

05/18/2021       “Marketing Kodak’s Bicycle Cameras,” Economic and Business History Society, [virtual conference]

11/07/2019       “Bessie Agnes Dwyer, An American Pioneer,” Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture Association, Pittsburgh, PA

06/08/2019      “Slip Sliding Around the Pitfalls of Searching Online Newspapers,” Economic and Business History Society Conference, Detroit, MI

03/30/19          “Trips Awheel:  Early Philadelphia Bicycle Route Narratives,” Eastern American Studies Association, Harrisburg, PA

11/08/18            “Trips Awheel:  A Nineteenth Century Bicycle Travel Blog,” Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture Association, Baltimore,MD

06/01/18            “Political Animals:  Chief Mousers and First Dogs,” Westhampton Public Library, Westhampton, NY

11/11/17           “Twitter Habits of Britain’s Feline Civil Servants,” Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture Association, Philadelphia, PA

10/17/17          “Buffy, Batgirl, and ComicCons:  Organizing a Conference or a Convention,” [poster session] Pennsylvania Library Association, Pittsburgh, PA [co-presented with Zara Wilkinson

05/26/17          “Bicycle Route Coupons:  An Early Example of Travel Discounts,” Economic and Business History Society, Oklahoma City, OK

11/05/16          “Unchained: Girls, Dragons, and Power in Young Adult Literature,” Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture Association, Atlantic City, NJ

06/04/16          “New Girls on the Block:  Laureline and the Lumberjanes,” Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con, Philadelphia, PA [panel – I spoke on Laureline]

01/15/16          “But I’m a Librarian!  Planning an Academic Conference on Your Campus,” (with Zara Wilkinson), VALE, New Brunswick NJ

11/07/15          “Fantomette:  French Girl Superhero,” Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture Association, Philadelphia, PA

10/08/15          “Geeks in the Stacks:  Engaging Your Library Community with Popular Culture,” New York Comic Con [professional day panel], New York, NY

05/02/15          “Fantomette:  France’s Most Famous (Only?) Girl Superhero,” Pippi to Ripley:  Gender and Sexualities in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Comics, Ithaca, NY

11/08/14          “Nancy Drew and the Ivory Tower,” Mid-Atlantic Popular / American Culture Association, Baltimore, MD

08/07/14          “Trips Awheel:  Historical Bike Routes in Pennsylvania and New Jersey,”        International Cycling History Conference, Baltimore, MD

05/24/13          “His Better Half:  A History of the Corporate Wife,” Economic and Business   History Society, Baltimore, MD

05/04/13          “Sybel and Menolly:  Blazing a Trail in Literature and Media,” Pippi to Ripley:  The Female Figure in Fantasy and Science Fiction, Ithaca, NY

03/27/13          “The Origins of Sisters in Crime,” Popular Culture Association / American Culture  Association, Washington, DC (based on an archival collection at Rutgers)

11/02/12          “The Helicopter Parent:  A History of Advice for Scout Parents,” Mid-Atlantic Popular / American Culture Association, Pittsburgh, PA

11/04/11          “Because I Said So:  Parental and Peer Creation of Happy Childhoods Using Scrapbooks and Other Visual Media,” Mid-Atlantic Popular / American Culture Association, Philadelphia, PA

11/02/11          “Librarians Use of Social Media Profile Photos,” Library 2.0 Online Conference, with Katie Anderson

04/22/09          “Managing Your Brand:  Personal PR for the Average Librarian,” Montana Library Association, Kalispell, MT

04/21/09          “The Accidental Fundraiser,” Montana Library Association, [full day preconference] Kalispell, MT

11/02/07          “The Male Lead in the Animated Barbie Remakes of Classic Tales,” Mid-Atlantic Popular / American Culture Association, Philadelphia, PA

04/19/05          “Winning Funds and Influencing Politicians,” Alabama Library Association, Birmingham, AL

03/15/05          “Managing Your Brand: Personal PR for the Average Librarian,” [preconference] Computers in Libraries. Washington, D.C.

01/06/05          [respondent] “the Tyranny of Copyright,” VALE Users Conference, New Brunswick, NJ

03/12/04          “Marian Goes to Washington: A Political Primer for Librarians,” Computers in Libraries, Washington, D.C.

01/07/04          “Managing Your Brand: Personal PR for the Average Librarian,” VALE Users Conference, New Brunswick, NJ

11/06/01          “Invisible Web,” Staff Development Day, Somerset County Library System, NJ

04/12/01          “Reading Between the Lines: Librarians as Authors of Fiction,” Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA

05/18/00          “Divided by a Common Language: A Look at University Library Web Sites in English Speaking Countries,” National Online Meeting, New York, NY

05/22/98          “Launching a Library Home Page: The Painless Approach to Webmastering.” [panel] NJ Library Association Technology Committee, New Brunswick, NJ

03/04/98          “Barbarians at the Gates: Ethical Considerations of Public Access Internet Stations,” Computers in Libraries ’98, Washington, DC

05/14/97          “Designing Outstanding Library Web Pages,” Integrated Online Library Systems, New York, NY

04/10/97          “Using the WWW to Deliver Library Instruction,” NJ Library Association, Caldwell, NJ

04/30/96          “The Image of Libraries and Librarians in Discipline Specific Pedagogical     Journals,” Research Forum, NJ Library Association, Atlantic City, NJ

06/28/95          “European Connections: Electronic Resources for Western Europe” (panel   respondent), American Library Association, Chicago, IL

06/21/95          “The Library as Publisher and Organizer of the Internet,” NJIN, New            Brunswick, NJ

05/06/95          “Multifaceted Evaluation of User Education,” LOEX Conference, Denton, TX

06/27/94          “Culture or National Character as a Factor in Online Searching:  Strategy       Formation and Search Results,” Library Research Round Table, American                     Library Association, Miami, FL

04/27/94          “What Now?  Practical Use of the Internet in Libraries,” New Jersey Library Association, Long Branch, NJ

04/12/94          “Are You a Cybrarian?” Connecticut Library Association, Cromwell, CT

05/06/93          “How Online is Taught in British and American Library Schools:  A Comparison,”  National Online Meeting, New York, NY

03/24/93          “Cybernauts and Imagineers,” Tri‑State College Library Consortium,                 Valley Forge, PA

10/21/92          “Introduction to the Internet,” Consortium for Health Information and Library  Services, Upper Darby, PA

12/12/91          “Further Investigations of Cultural Differences in Online Search Strategy     Formation,” International Online Information Meeting, London, England

05/07/91          “Cultural Differences in Online Search Strategy Formation,” National Online Meeting, New York, NY

09/27/90          “Beguines in Outer Space, or the Undergraduate Research Process,”               Southeastern Medieval Association, Raleigh, NC

11/08/89          “Common Command Language,” Online ’89, Chicago, IL