Still Waters

This is the public website of Julie M. Still, librarian, researcher, historian, reader, writer, and speaker.  Good, bad or in between, the opinions expressed here are solely my own.

Recent Activity:

Pending: 1 article being revised; 2 book chapters forthcoming; 1 conference proposal accepted (delayed a year due to conference cancellation, and will probably be delayed again, and end up being part of something else).

New Blog Post: A holiday themed entry on an old recipe: Unusual Corn Casserole

New Blog Post: “A Few Notes on Fantômette,” giving some background on the article.

New publication: Mille Pompons! Fantômette, the Famous, Unknown, Schoolgirl Superhero of France, Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures 12 #1 (2020): 168-183.

Forthcoming: Library Services to Transfer Students: An Update Review (second author with Samantha Kannegiser) to be published in Transfer Student Success: Advancing Outcomes from the Library, edited by Nancy Fawley, Ann Marshall, and Mark Robison, American Library Association, expected Spring, 2021.

Two short videos added to the Media page.

New Blog Post:  “Amazing Stories,” a brief history of the magazine

Presentation: “Bessie Agnes Dwyer, An American Pioneer,” Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture Association, Pittsburgh, 11/07/2019

New book out:  Buffy to Batgirl:  Essays on Female Power, Evolving Femininity and Gender Roles in Science Fiction and Fantasy, (monograph, co-edited with Zara Wilkinson) now available from McFarland.  (See brief blog post for the cover).

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